Noah Veil And The Dogs Of Heaven Discusses the Holidays with Us

Metal, rock, goth enthusiasts Noah Veil And The Dogs Of Heaven, have been busy throughout this past year, but Noah Veil, took sometime out of this holiday season, to discuss just that, the way that they celebrate the holidays!

1. What are you doing for the holidays?

Noah Veil: We will  be spending them with our families.

2. This Halloween season I did what?

Noah Veil: Sylvain had to work. I gave candy to children who came to my door.

3. Did you dress up this year?

Noah Veil: I wore a Mexican Day of the Dead skull mask. It was made of plastic and I bought it at the Halloween store for 5 dollars.

4. What is your favorite Halloween candy or treat?

Noah Veil: I don't eat sugar or candy. I like cigarettes and Canadian whiskey.

5. What are you thankful for?

Noah Veil: I'm thankful that I have not died again.

6. Do you have a favorite dish for Thanksgiving or do you enjoy everything?

Noah Veil: Yes, I like the ceramic dish we use to serve green-bean casserole from.

7. Who's the one out of the band, that eats the most, when it comes to the holiday season?

Noah Veil: I can't say. I think that maybe I eat more than Sylvain.

8. Do you or have you gone shopping on Black Friday, if so what did you find and buy? Or have you gone out to see the sights of the crowds?

Noah Veil: We don't have Black Friday in Canada. And our Thanksgiving is in October. Plus, I hate crowds, unless they have come to see me.

9. When it comes to the holiday season, does the band all get together, or does everyone do their own thing?

Noah Veil: We don't have a band, we are a duo. I live in Canada and Sylvain lives in California.

10. What is your favorite Christmas song to sing and why?

Noah Veil: I don't celebrate Christmas, I am Heathen and follow the Norse gods, so I celebrate Yule. I don't understand Swedish, so I cannot sing any Yule songs. Sylvain doesn't sing, and he is an atheist.

11. One thing you really want for Christmas is what?

Noah Veil: A replica of Michael Moorcock's literary fantasy character Elric of Melnibone's sword "Stormbringer".

12. Do you still believe in Santa Claus? Enough so, that you would pay him a visit at the mall or other local events?

Noah Veil: Santa Claus is only a misinterpretation of the Norse god Odin, and he only visits the earth on the Winter's Solstice to lead the Wild Hunt against the forces of evil. He doesn't go to malls.

13. What type of Christmas tree do you prefer white or green or your own version?

Noah Veil: We have a Yule tree in my home, it must always be a real tree that I cut down myself, so it is green.

14. Are you a late or early Christmas shopper?

Noah Veil: Early, and I shop online.

15. One thing you have to do on New Year's Eve?

Noah Veil: Get drunk and have sex, preferably with someone else.

16. Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

Noah Veil: No. When I decide to do something, I just do it and I don't wait for New Year's.

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