CO-OP's Dash Discusses the Family Business with Music Creating

It runs in the family, or to keep the tradition flowing is the typical expression, among some people, in the case of music, it comes on going, because the son of one of the most iconic rock legends around, Alice Cooper, his son Dash Cooper, got into the music thing, forming his own act called CO-OP. The band went on to write and record material for a debut "Self-Titled" and have plans on releasing a debut full-length album, playing shows and touring to top it all off. So there is no stopping Dash Cooper with his act of CO-OPs. Find out what was said about this act and what they got lined-up.

1. First off, who are you and what role do you play in the band?

Dash: Hi. My name is Dash Cooper and I am the Lead Singer of the band CO-OP.

2. How did the band's name come into the picture and what does it mean?

Dash: I thought of the name of the band as a play on of words if you will. Being that my last name is Cooper, I thought it would be cool to pay homage to it by using COOP but my first name is Dash so I inserted the "dash" in the middle. Also, the word co-op is a hyphenated word meaning cooperative mission in the gaming world. To us we took that to heart because we see this band as an objective or mission we are all on. It made sense because we are trying to achieve our goals collectively.

3. Why did you think having this debut EP release a self-titled release was the right thing to do? Since the debut EP received the self-titled treatment, does that mean no other releases will be self-titled or is there no telling.

Dash: The reason for the EP self title is because this was an opportunity to present CO-OP to the world. We all agreed that the name of the band in presentation is more important than artistic impression in terms of tilting songs and albums. In fact, we have 2 new songs we are recording right now that have working titles. In short we wanted to make sure the name CO-OP was the focal point for all our future fans.

In regards to future titles, we don’t really see too much of a need of self titling anymore as the songs we write are written in groups. The idea there is a story to tell, a movement if you may, within these groups of songs. Sort of like chapters to a book, and we want to tell the story properly. This typically results in correctly titling these albums in regard to the story.

4. You went and released a song off the EP called "Sleep" will this track be made into an official single or video, or do you have another song in mind?

Dash: Sleep is a song designed to introduce our fans to the larger story being told within our full length album. As a single no, the song will be inserted into our full length to where we have multiple song titles that will be established into videos.

5. At your recent CD Release Party, your dad made an appearance performing alongside you, when this happens, do you ever feel embarrassed "like ah man why you here, leave me alone" or to you does it not even matter.

Dash: No I never get embarrassed to sing with Alice. It's always a privilege and never a burden. He and I have a great relationship on and off the stage so we just have fun whenever we get the opportunity to jam together. I think I left the whole "ahh man why are you here, leave me alone" phase in my teenage years... Haha.

6. Do you ever feel awkward singing the old classics your done is so known for or do you feel at ease doing it.

Dash: I don't feel awkward at all singing those songs. Most of the time when we do them, we are actually performing them with Alice himself. CO-OP is its own entity without Alice and our songs are strong and stand on their own. However, in a way, when we jam with him, it feels like less of a cover and more like we are the Alice Cooper band in that brief moment, which is a special feeling.  I feel at ease performing them because we've done them so many times and enjoy playing them.

7. Whereabouts are you in the process of your debut full-length, when can we expect that to be seen and heard.

Dash: We should be done with the album by the end of May. After some quality control, and barring any hiccups, we anticipate our label will have it ready for release by mid June. We have recently finished the drums and are working on bass at the moment. So far, it is sounding thunderously killer! Depending on the direction of marketing, there may be a single here and there released as a primer before its released. We are very excited to get all the music out there for people to hear.

8. How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard your music before and what song would you pick out for them to hear, to best showcase that description.

Dash: Gritty, Dirty, Fuzzy Hard Rock. We like to classify ourselves as Desert Hard Rock. It's hard to say exactly who we sound like. We have so much diversity in our musical tastes. Overdrive kind of represents our speedier rock side, Old Scratch and Desert dreams show our fuzzier heavy grooves in my opinion and Sleep is animal all on its own. We aren't afraid to experiment and play what we consider to be cool. In other words, every idea we come up together has merit and we try to build around those ideas. In this way we don't limit ourselves. That's why CO-OP is such a special sound I think. Every member of the band has different tastes and musical input and we take all of those elements to create an awesome hybrid that people seem to be digging.

9. What does the next year have in-store for Co-Op?

Dash: We will be releasing our full length album, getting on tour as support this summer and hopefully building on the CO-OP brand thru festivals and larger gigs.

10. Any last words?

Dash: Thank you so much for your questions and the opportunity to reach your audience. I'd like to direct people to our website to check us out at and to check out our music on iTunes, Amazon and or any other digital platforms for music download. Stay Rockin'!

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