Dommin - Beautiful Crutch

Dommin is an act like many, who has dealt with suffering's from record labels, this case being Roadrunner Records sometime ago, during their time with the label they went on to release their debut full-length album "Love Is Gone" (2010) that saw them do great things, playing shows, touring, getting themselves noticed by said release, and previous releases before the debut, including "Mend Your Misery" (2006) EP and follow-up "Self-Titled" (2009) EP, but after their time dealing with Roadrunner Records, the band saw a hiatus period. Where they would need to gather together to get everything sorted out, releasing some "new" material here and there, causing the fans to be hopeful for future material.

As such, the band would move forward writing and recording an all new album their sophomore efforts "Rise" (2016), which would lead to them releasing even more material, writing and recording even further to release a third full-length titled "Beautiful Crutch". Now listening to the previous album "Rise", and now hearing the material off "Beautiful Crutch", both pieces of material is rather enjoyable to say the least. Each album has its own flare, and "Beautiful Crutch" picks up where the earlier works "Love Is Gone" for instance leaves off, sounding slightly like that essence of material. Whereas "Rise", kept that material alive but did it, in a more fresh approach type of way.

"Beautiful Crutch", allows for some tracks such as "Desire", "The Scene", "I Die", "Madly", and "The Saddest Dream", to be what makes this album, pick up, sounding off as what you could expect from this release, as well as possible future material, as far as sounding quality goes. The vocal chords on the other hand, are still preserved in that classic Dommin style, being just as dreamy and breath taking as the previous material was, while the music portion, just keeps the album flowing, like a never ending stream type of flowing sensation.

Dommin's style is still alive and well on this third full-length album that is "Beautiful Crutch", it's just a blend of the classical approach, meets the modern day appeal, that captures the life of both time frames, making Dommin develop ever so further as a band, tends to do with their music making.

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