Rocky Boxes His Way onto Mobile Devices

Tapinator creator Illya Nikolayev, decided that the Rocky movie starring infamous boxing fighter Rocky Balboa role portrayed by actor Sylvester Stallone, needed a video game based on the Rocky film series. The series of course going in order by Rocky, Rock II, Rock II, Rock IV, Rocky V, Rock Balboa, and Creed. Throughout this boxing match of a series though, is Rocky the first film which is in its 40th year celebration, so what best way to celebrate than to go forth and create a game, not console based, but mobile based, since everyone and anyone is using a hand held device, ranging from mobile phones to tablets, so hence, "Rocky" was made and created, centering on the main character, and it's assorted foes, (Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago). Can't forget Rock'y trainer Mickey Goldmill, he too is included in this fun filled game.

But when it comes down to the game play of the game itself, there are 37 different fighters to unlock for one, you can fight against Rocky's greatest opponents from the film's franchise, as well as challenge real players from around the world, receiving and sending said challenges as you battle real life opponents from all over the world. By doing these fights, you can build that roster of teamsters and accumulate rewards as well, as you box your way through the top of the ranks!

There is more though, time tap fighting mechanics, training mini games, and other little perks that are unique to each boxer you unlock and discover along the fighting trail. Rewards are available as you play of course, including such as fighter packs, victory packs, resource packs, chests from winning in the ring, to even rare 4 star boxers with some of the highest ranking stat potential around can all be won by these amazing rewards.
The game play's style is decent, aggressive as you really get into the game itself, graphics being not bad, but quite decent enough for a mobile based game, music and other graphics found throughout is quite interesting and keeps the game play entertaining from start to finish, but does it really finish? Not really because it is like a never ending game. An arcade style boxing role play game with card collecting that really makes it all around fun for everyone, even if you aren't a fan of role play games or boxing, you will surly find yourself getting into the action of boxing in some shape or form when playing this game.

This game is coming to the ios devices this holiday season and to Android devices in 2017! It's fun, entertaining, and a game, to check out, even if you aren't a fan of the series, this one is one, that you should consider giving a chance, you never know what you may end up liking from it.

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