Blood Red Throne - Union of Flesh Machine

Death metal legends Blood Red Throne, has been around for some time, during which, they have released several albums, under their namesake, including "Union of Flesh and Machine". A latest addition as it's just like their previous releases, still groovy, aggressive, and in your face, death metal. The style these guys have been known for, well forever. The lyrical context, and instrumental work, is fast paced, filled with energy, and pulsing adrenaline, that never lets up. Such songs as "Leather Rebel", "Legacy of Greed", and "Revocation of Humankind", are just the tip of the death metal cake, that makes this release, so mind blowing and great. It's filled with that fast paced energy and pulsing adrenaline, but they maintain so much more, just a lot of pride and overwhelming sensations that makes the music bounce. Like, stand out a lot more, making it be very memorable to Cannibal Corpse or even Deicide at times. Having listened to Blood Red Throne for years now, this release, shall not disappoint the fans who have been there, and the new comers, just being engulfed, it's death metal style that is for everybody to say the least.

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