Ruins Of Elysium - Daphne

Symphonic metal can be sorted into a variety of formulas, for one instance take the likes of Ruins Of Elysium, with their latest EP release "Daphne". This release takes what other acts have not attempted much of, using male vocals, solely relying on classical male vocals that is rarely done on these scenarios. That said, this release consists of 8-tracks, including a remixed version of a track called "Prince". The rest of the EP features the title track which opens up the album, having you the listener be drawn in, rather instantly. While the rest of the EP, has such tracks as "No You're Not", "Crusader", and "Meadows of Elysium", which go hand in hand with one another, having each other sound a lot like the title track, but more energetic, ear catching, having the melodies, vocals, and instruments working well together. The music being a soothing but entertaining experience. When it comes down to it, Ruins Of Elysium's "Daphne" is a solid release, that steps away from the typical aspect, of the symphonic metal genre, having their own twist on it, making their style be more enlightened and modern.

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