The Casualties Brings the Kiddies Out to the Stage Show where the Energy Lives On

The Big Apple known as New York City, the one of many cities with a various stories to tell, including the tale of some street punks of the hardcore punk scene known only as The Casualties. Having been a band for almost 30 years, surpassing the 25 year mark, so halfway there, these punks have come a long way, in such a long time frame. That said, the band is upon their tenth full-length studio album titled "Chaos Sound", currently playing various showcases left and right, including mini touring treks here and there as well. As such, the band has made it's run through, throughout sunny California, hitting up local hot spots including Los Angeles!

Where they have called home numerous times before, but have made their comeback to a venue they have been before, this one being Los Globos, an intimate, yet decent sized place, which sold out the first time around, but tonight was sold out somewhat with a decent amount of crowd goers, a good chunk being kids, yes believe it or not kids, since this show being an ALL AGES show! There were kids ranging from 5-12 years old to the older set of teens to adults, and even older adults, it was quite the mix. But a whole lot of fun in any case. That much said, one of the acts playing was one called  The Grim. A pure punk band, with a lot of energy to say the least, having gotten the crowd hyped up, as everyone was jumping around, running about, to screaming aloud, everyone was enjoying their set-up, that the band kept at ease, while being highly entertaining in the end.

The Grim:

Next up was another act this one punk as well but more so hardcore punk, sounding a lot like The Casualties except per say for "the next generation" of their style, is what Age Of Fear was about. They really kept that hype up and running, keeping the energy flowing, as everyone in the mosh pit and front row, were so excited and thrilled with such excitement it was over flowing with vibrations from everyone. Their set-up was not just good, it was downright great!  It was so good that the crowd wanted more, even after the band finished their last song, that the band went on to play some more, that kept the crowd on the feet! Hands down Age Of Fear was an act that shall not be forgotten, at least hope not.

Age Of Fear:

Lastly was of course The Casualties doing their run of shows in California, and Los Globos being possibly another favorable spot for them to play, did about an hour long set, consisting a lot of the old and some of the new, off their latest album "Chaos Sound", playing the track "Brothers And Sisters", with a lot of their older material like "For the Punx", "We Are All We Have", Ugly Bastards", "Riot" "Under Attack", "Punk Rock Love", "Tomorrow Belongs To Us", among others mixed in there, it was quite the setlist, but the show and their presents alone, was something else entirely. The crowd in itself, kept the mosh pit flowing, as everyone from the back, sides, and front row were being thrown around, pushed, shoved, and the assorted. It was all good and fun for some as everyone there was having a good old time.

The Casualties:

The band themselves though, kept the energy up from the start of their set to the end of their set, never ever taking a break, interacting with the crowd, letting the kids, teens, and adults take hold of the microphones, singing their lungs out to the lyrics, as the band played their hearts out onto the stage, drenched in their own bodily fluids that was sweat and beer if not water, just getting their fill, to say the least, keeping the music alive and well.

The Casualties:

It was quite the performance from The Casualties, one of many, done by them, that will never be missed, but be remembered, because they are punks, the punks from the streets of New York City, calling Los Angeles like their second home, because Los Angeles brings the energy that will never die out!


1. Chaos Sound
2. Tomorrow Belongs to Us
3. Unknown Soldier
4. Punk Rock Love
5. Chaos Punx
6. Running Through the Night
7. Criminal Class
8. Made in N.Y.C.
9. R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (Motörhead Cover)
10. Unemployed
11. Get Off My Back
12. Brothers and Sisters
13. Ugly Bastard
14. Riot
15. On City Streets
16. We Are All We Have

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