Angelspit's Karl Discusses the Cult Of Fake?

Angelspit being active for the past 13 years and counting, has released it's latest and newest album "Cult Of Fake". Which simply takes the harsh sounds of the band, smashing that together with some dance music to create, the unexpected. Frontman vocalist and sonic demolition, Zoog Von Rock or "Karl", discusses this supposed "Cult Of Fake", as well as the band's past and future, which includes a ballistic fall tour!

1. First of all, who are you, and what do you do in the band? It's been 3 years since we last spoke, what has the band been up too between now and then, can you give us a brief summary?

Karl: My name is Karl, my friends call me Zoog. Angelspit has just released our new 12 track album CULT OF FAKE which is takes the harsh sounds of Angelspit and smashes them together with dance music. We're now gearing up for a USA tour in September.

2. Let's talk a little about the history of your band. When did you originally form and is this the original line-up?

Karl: We started in 2003. Angelspit has morphed its line-up from a 2 piece cyberpunk outfit with a drum machine to a 5 piece electro punk band...and every stage in between.

3. How long after you formed was it until you played your first live show?

6 months.

4. What are your memories of the performance?

Karl: Getting drunk in a massive earth removing bucket with my friends from the band TANKT....getting tanked with TANKT...!

5. How would you categorize the style of the band?

Karl: Ballistic electro punk.

6. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

Karl: The world is broken. It has always been broken, but if we work together we can make it suck a little less.

7. Can you tell me a little bit about your album "Cult Of Fake"? Who it an actual cult of fake whatever's or just a namesake?

Karl: The term CULT OF FAKE was coined by mass media. It refers to the rise of the fake electronic persona and the new cult of the celebrity. People have always been obsessed with projecting a fake persona, but now it has been taken to an extreme. We are more interested cat videos, selfies and trivial Internet celebrates than healthcare, education and a system that is eating itself.

8. How would you say that "The Product" and "Cult Of Fake" differ, compare, and relate to one another? Would you say that these two albums have a connection in anyway or connection to your previous releases at all?

Karl: THE PRODUCT (2014) is harder industrial/cyberpunk. CULT OF FAKE (2016) is a dance album.
The two albums have similar sounds - as I used more 80's/90's synths and samplers to achieve an old school industrial sound.

9. What can fans expect from the new Angelspit album?

Karl: CULT OF FAKE is a mix of new dance music with industrial electro punk. The music is has an old school industrial feel but with modern dance music production. The lyrics are relevant and political. This is something new, as I have never done an album that focuses on dance music.

10. Do you play live as well? What does your show and touring plans look like.

Karl: Hell yeah! We are hitting 30 cities across America in September. This will be BALLISTIC!

11. What does the rest of this year hold for Angelspit?

Karl: Our USA tour kicks off in September - we are hyped about it! Also, we have launched a patreon where backers will see us push the limits.  New music, new blipverts, plus we will be experiment with live streaming. This will be awesome! Details here:

12. How would you say you differ from other bands and artists on the scene?

Karl: I am not afraid to experiment. I know the audience is smart and willing to hear something new. I do not care about the "marketing expectations" that have been put in place by DJs and labels. Let's do something exciting and different. We are not bound by rules. Rock! Karl - ANGELSPIT.

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