(hed) p.e. - Forever!

(hed) p.e. has been around for over 20 years, and have finally gone on to write and record for their tenth studio album titled "Forever!". The lucky number 13-track album, features their unique blend of styles, that have been labeled by all, as numerous genres, but as first said, it's just plain unique. Such trackas as "Hurt", "Closer", "Pay Me", and "Live" are a handful of tracks off this release, that make this album POP. A lot of lyrical context is filled here, while the instrumentals just bounce off the music, having it be very fun and rather upbeat. Each song is different in its own way, not having each other sounding the same, as each one finished, going right into the next track, which is always good. Some songs allow the vocal chords to be creative, having their screaming attics here and there, while other times the vocals are more clean cut, breaking out an edge of an act. (hed) p.e. and their tenth album "Forever!" is a release that will please the loyal fan base and even new comers. It's a release that will not disappoint, because there is nothing here that aims in that direction, it's a release that builds on craft.

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