Edge Of Attack's Jurekk says the Band is In Hell Forever

Edge Of Attack released their "Self-Titled" debut album, along with various singles, videos, and then played shows, touring here and there. Then the band took some time a part to focus on other things, while doing the band when possible, which lead to them writing and recording an EP that would turn into their sophomore full-length album "Fiend Of Possession", where the band would then decide to call it quits. Guitarist, back-up vocalist, recorder of mixing and mastering, Jurekk James, discusses the band's disbandment, last and latest release, and what the future holds.

1. First of all, who are you, and what do you do in the band?

Jurekk: I'm Jurekk James, I play guitar, do back-up vocals, record, mix and master the songs, that's mostly what I do.

2. It's been 3 years, since we last spoke, and or heard anything from Edge Of Attack, so what has the band been up too between now and then?

Jurekk: Nothing. Nothing really. Slowly working on things in the studio, not really playing shows, except for a few, a lot of my time was consumed in my other band Kobra and the Lotus, which took up a lot of my time. So the band hasn't really been up to too much. We just announced our disbanding, whatever you wanna call it, and released the new album, however you want to buy it, most people will probably get it for free. So that would be us in a nutshell.

3. Can you give me a brief summary as to why the band decided to disband, and is this a permanent disbandment, or will we see the band coming back at a later time?

Jurekk: We weren't really that into it. I was into it, Roxanne, is a full time tattoo artist, and everyone else has full time jobs, families, their own lives. So nobody really had the time to do it anymore, to do it the right way, to go out on tours and stuff like that. As far as us getting back together again, we might do a goodbye show locally, there are other things too, like our trademark expired and thats thousands of dollars, so yeah.

4. In 2015, you mentioned of announcing a new EP, new album, and heading out on tour, what happened to that trio?

Jurekk: We did the EP, then I got hired, with Kobra and the Lotus, which again took up a lot of my time, so I couldn't do much of anything. So when I came back from that, the sizzle had just died out, nobody really asking questions what us, etc. But we kept working on it, releasing the EP locally, then kept working on the album, finally one day I had just had enough of it. Having to order the CDs, get them printed, send them out for reviews, this and that just fuck it, here it is!

5. Last time we spoke was 3 years ago, when we discussed an upcoming EP release, is that said EP, this sophomore full-length "Fiend of Possession"?

Jurekk: The EP was called "Fiend of Possession", so the songs off it, then I just kept it as is, because we never had gotten around to finishing it, coming up with a new name, artwork, etc. So it's one in the same thing, some of the songs off the EP, made it onto this album.

6. During that same discussion, you mentioned that videos were to be made, aside from the two that were released previously for "In Hell" and "Forever", were there anymore videos made from any of the old or new material, that we may get to see?

Jurekk: No, no, no, back then, we were really strong, we were going to do the typical thing release a single, video, the album, go on tour, another single and video, all of those things go together. But we just didn't have the resources for it. If they want a video I will use my smart phone and use my dogs and that's what you will get.

7. In our previous interview, you mentioned of bringing guest vocalists, to come in and be on some material, did that ever take place?

Jurekk: Oh yeah. Oddly enough Roxanne isn;t even on half of the album. A couple of the songs, were going to be on my solo project, but I didn't have the efforts to go through with it, but didn't want those guest vocalists to do their work for nothing ya know? So okay, we got James Arsenian on the song "Revolution", the singer from Exs to Eyes, and is on the company Right Hook Mics, he makes the microphones. Dan Vasc is on "Death Cold Embrace", saw him on YouTube doing cover videos, then we have Hess Melani from the band Hess on the song "My Insanity", she added me on Facebook and wanted her to sing some shit after hearing a cover she posted. Then we have Ivan Giannini on "As Skies Turn Black" he was on the last album. Rob Lundgren on "Walk of Ashes" also found on YouTube thought he sounded great, there's a lots of guest singers and it keeps it interesting. It keeps it interesting to hear a lot of voices all the time.

8. Besides "Fiend of Possession", was there any other music, made that may get to see the light of day, or is what is given on "Fiend of Possession", what we will be getting?

Jurekk: Obviously there were a lot of B-Sides, and we worked on them, and I didn't like them, and if I don't like them, then you won't hear them. But there was the one song called "Death's Cold Embrace", like an Egyptian scale to the song, and had written and recorded it and put my own vocals, and I didn't like it how it sounded. Then 2 years passed, and it sounded really good with better songs on it. So don't hate a song just because I suck at singing.

9. Did anything become of your solo project named after you Jurekk James?

Jurekk: No, not really, finding musicians out here is pretty hard to do. Anything else I do from here will be solo project based, so watch on my YouTube, to see what I am up too.

10. Since the band has disbanded, what can we expect to see from you guys as far as the future is concerned?

Jurekk: Well you can expect me to be doing something. As far as the old drummer Trevor, he quit because he didn't like touring. Our bass player and other vocalist have their other band Gun Slinger, and Roxanne, will probably be in another band but not a metal one, perhaps a rock one.

11. Anything else you'd like to add on and or say to the fans out there?

Jurekk: My fans are awesome and buy my shit! So I don't go broke!

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