Death Division's Jerry says We are the Fallen Angels of the Black Dawn

Extreme rock n' rollers Death Division, have been hard at work, playing shows, touring, writing and recording material for not one, but two EP releases, "We Are the Fallen" and follow-up EP release "Angels of the Black Dawn, Pt. 1". Bassist Jerry Montano discusses said releases and future plans.

1. What has Death Division been up to, since we last spoke 3 years ago?

DD has been busy out on the road touring, shooting videos, writing, recording, mixing the new EP’s . It has been a very productive few years for DD.

2. Back then you said you were going to release an EP in 2014, was that EP entitled "We Are the Fallen EP"?

Yes, we re-released the 2013 EP and added the previously unreleased track “Pestilence” as “We Are The Fallen”.

3. Why did you guys want to release not one, but two EPs for this year, the "We Are the Fallen EP" and then the "Angels of the Black Dawn, Pt. 1 - EP" instead of going forth and releasing a full-length album?

I felt for us, an up and coming band it would be better to release a Part One and Part Two to keep us out on the road working. It’s a fast food media world these days and as soon as you release something its chewed up and spit out in a blink of an eye. Releasing fewer songs allows the fans to focus on a few tunes at a time and have something cool and new to look forward to in a shorter time frame.

4. Since "Angels of the Black Dawn, Part One" EP is a "Part One" will this be a series of EP releases or will Part 2 be continuing on a full-length release? Or is there no telling as of right now?

The  AOTBD E.P’s are a series and connected. So I would say the answer is both as we are planning on releasing it as a collective with bonus songs next years as well.

5. Why did you see "The Truth" to be such a good fit, to be made into a video and single? Will there be any more songs off the EP "Angels of the Black Dawn, Pt. 1 - EP" to be made into singles and videos?

The Truth has always been a special song to us that we just loved and felt. During the writing and recording of this series I had started my journey into sobriety after many, many years struggling and battling the disease known as Alcoholism. The song on my end reflects a lot of that inner turmoil and struggle with addiction.  A big part of the AOTB series is about that battle.

The video I had written and directed from another point of view which was Sean’s perception of organized religion as a means of control. I liked the idea and figured burning churches would be a good start haha. The real magic  came from a dear friend I met a few years back in Hollywood , from Milan. Italy Francesco Zanotti “Zano” He did all the animation. Very cool stuff.. The live stuff I just went too Home Depot bought a piece of plywood , Google searched “Best paint for a green screen” whhhallaaah!r.

The DD animated characters return as part of a series as well so the long answer is YES! Even though the second single from Part One will not be animated.

6. Can you give us a bit of a story behind the tracks on both EPs?

See You Never is a song about that person you just can’t seem to get out of your life but so desperately need to whether it be a gf, bf or a bottle. The term “See You Never” came from a long goodbye in Seattle. Haha

Dead Heroes is another song about addiction and my love/hate/love relationship with Alcoholism and ego. When I wrote the words for the song to me it was  like my inner dialogue. It is a song about everything you don’t want to face or hear.

Run Away Is a song written about all the special, smile to your face.. knife to your back people in the social circles. “This pretty little town would love to see you drown, laughing as you gasp for breath” Something we all know all too well. Hate to love but love to hate ya.

In Loving Memory (of hope) is the shiny gem of the batch and the most special to me. Sean and I wrote that song in about 10 minutes. It just happened. I had gone through some serious dark DARK DAYS. In 2012 my best friend was killed on his way to meet me at a bar. It was absolute DEVASTATION. Through the years I had lost COUNTLESS friends and family members.. From my Father, my Brother, Aunts, Cousin, Grandparents and SOOOO many friends. TOO MANY. This song was written for James Murray and every one of the magical , loving, beautiful departed angelic souls I was blessed to know in my lifetime. This song says it all.

7. Why do you think people should check out your releases and pick them up?

I think everyone should check out all and any kind of music that comes across their path and support art. If you are reading this check out our stuff. If you are reading someone else's interview later... go check em out! It is free. Life is an adventure. Never limit yourself. ;)

8. What’s your take on mp3’s vs. vinyl?

MP3’s are not going anywhere. The damage has been done now its just about accessibility. I love vinyl. I have a pretty cool vinyl collection! Very rare MISFITS stuff to Sisters of Mercy singles and old punk rock comps.

9. Care to share any strange hobbies or habits that the band members may have?

I am all DD all the time. Other than that I am a horror collector and work as an assistant to a few special fx restoration guys. I have been blessed to work around some of the world’s biggest collectors and collections.  Habits? I am trying to work away from habits these days. Alex has a habit for screaming at people while he drives the bus! Haha And Sean is super OCD when it comes to pretty much everything haha He once zip tied every cable I had in my rack and cut every cable to EXACT size haha which is rad until you need to unplug ANYTHING lol I think we all agree that our main hobby is DD.

10. Where do you hope to see yourself and the band in the next 5 years?

We will still be playing music and having a good time. Anything after that is a bonus.

11. What does the band have planned for the rest of 2016?


12. Is there anything else you would like to say to the future fans of Death Division?

We will be out on tour forever so come out and hang with us!

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