While The Heart Becomes - Ephemeral

While The Heart Becomes has returned with the follow-up to their debut album "The Sinking" released back in 2013. This one being titled "Ephemeral" consisting of 10-tracks of solid craftsmanship. The lyrical context, instrumental works, and vocal chords, all work so well, it makes this album a whole another album entirely. When it comes down to "Ephemeral", it's a more refreshed album, it's a more "modern" day take on who While The Heart Becomes, has become as musicians, since their debut album release. It shows how they have matured as musicians, their musical abilities improving and growing with them, so to speak. Such songs on this album that tend to stand out have to include "Compass", "Embers", "Dreamers", and "Always Remains". These songs alone, really set up what is offered here. It has tons of potential, lots of riffs, breakdowns, and fast paced beats, that keeps the music constantly moving. That's how this album, ends up being, a constant pacing music machine, that is always on the move, as the album goes on through from start to finish. While The Heart Become's has got a solid piece of work here, and it indeed showcases itself, if you want an album to satisfy that fastness in your life, then check out ""Ephemeral".

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