Tough On Fridays - The Waywards

Tough On Fridays, has just released a new single called 'The Waywards". The "tagline" reads "Because sometimes girls need to shred". With that set, this track and band to back it up, "The Waywards", is a track that would bring any punk rock alternative personnel, to the forefront of that performance set up immediately.

Thus, moving forward, this band whose formation was just last year in 2017, has already gotten this single out for all to hear. Their style being very familiar to other bands who have been there before, i.e. The 1975, Blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, among others. Their sound being as they say reminiscent of these acts. Which is greatly spoken, because as the song plays, the material does as well, creating this essence that is very much like these acts they take to heart.

Their style is fun, original, and just outgoing all on its own. The vocalization provided captures this energy driven tone, with the melody being present yet fun filled throughout. When listening to it, the material just begins to circulate creating this ongoing sense that makes the material more entertaining than it is.

Tough On Fridays is an act that has something to say with their musical direction of choice. It does so well, upon a track like "The Waywards". Other working's that will follow, can be well thought out material, that may be well flourished and thought through too.

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