The Projectionist Releases New Song "What Can Be Mollified in a Banshee's Thrashing"

Ever since laying the foundation of THE PROJECTIONIST in 2015, Lörd Matzigkeitus (Diabolus Amator, The Black Sorcery, Thy Sepulchral Moon, ex-Idolatry) and his tenebrous army have pushed the boundaries of black metal cult. Each release morphing to a new direction from its previous sonic hellscape under the cloak of his arcane, twisting and evolving voice.

THE PROJECTIONIST will unchain their third album, "Visits from the NightHag Part 1", first part of the two-part magnum opus, on September 30 via Appalachian Noise Records on vinyl LP format (in 3 different color variations, limited to 300 copies). The entire album is the story of a projectionist, narrated in the style of a Shakespearean play.

As the debut excerpt from this unilluminated play, Indy Metal Vault exclusively streamed the fourth track "Act 4. What Can be Mollified in a Banshee's Thrashing"; Stream it right HERE

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