Magoth - Anti Terrestrial Black Metal

They have the "look" but do they have the "sound" to go with it. Well as a matter of fact, they indeed do. This is Magoth a band out of Germany, a place known for its metal genres of all types. Magoth takes on the genre of the black metal kind, think of the classic acts such as Dark Funeral crossed with Immortal or Emperor, Mayhem, or Burzum. Their latest source of efforts is an album titled "Anti Terrestrial Black Metal", a debut album of sorts, released during the summer of just last year in 2017.

One of their tracks titled "Sheol", gave an ideal representation of how their style would precisely sound and like the acts mentioned before, their style is "a lot like" those other acts if not carrying off to being their own version of similarity. Their style of sound is very intense, highly expandable, with being catchy with melodic melodies and completely darkened ark that is devoted and spiritually unexpected. It just captures the music in a beautiful way that it sends shivers to whoever hear it, that you will want more so than you ever thought you would even want. The rest of their album does this too, just like "Sheol", tracks like "Indoctrination War", "Mental Fortress", and "Thorns", provide what the previous track had done. Except these one's are more "in-your-face" offering more heaviness and flawless activity that outdoes itself. Like just think of the material as if it was, channeling a fast paced rush of energy, that hits you with everything, that you are left battered, bruised and sore all over. That is exactly how this album leaves you feeling when listening to the selected tracks and the album in fullness.

In short Magoth's debut album that is "Anti Terrestrial Black Metal", just brings forth this reality of intensity of pure black metal, of the German sense of ability, having an act like this one, do so in fine talents.

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