Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer - It's Your Boi Fabulous P.

Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer has released another release for himself, this one titled "It's Your Boi Fabulous P.". Just like his previous releases, this one has a variety of similarities, in terms of repeating himself. He promotes his own company X-Calade Promotionz, at the start of every track off this release. Which over time gets a tad annoying, but after that happens the rest of the material offered is rather nice.

Like for instance the opener "Pretty As Pretty Gets", and follow-up track "Beautiful Sight", play off one another quite well. Each one has this tense source of energy that overflows, causing this rift that makes the music more catching for the ears. The other tracks off this album like "Grow My Hair" and "Rocking Away", are again another set of tracks that play together one after the other quite well. The tone of beat the music plays with, makes the progression move nicely. The vocalization you can withstand whilst enjoying the melodies and beats of the music in the background.

A lot of the other remaining tracks to come off "It's Your Boi Fabulous P.", are a mix bag if being either hit or misses pretty much. While that may be the case, that does not mean the material is at all bad. It is good but could be slightly better at times, as if the music had more spunk to it, faster beats it would be more enjoyable.

As for this release as a whole, it is another type of release with content that has variety from it, but it could do better for itself. Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer as an artist, is merely put, a decent one that has something to show, knowing there are those willing to listen, they will like what is said and played from this title.

Web: www.X-CaladePromotionz.com

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