Ondt Blod - Natur

As soon as Ondt Blod's sophomore album "Natur" began to play the opening number, that just so happened to be title track to the album, it was clear as day as where this style of genre was coming from. This genre of choice being a blend of hardcore, grim metal, and catchy punk, put the trio together and you end up with the likeness to that of some good old grim metal, thrown in with some punk mixed with hardcore like Hatebreed and Ondt Blood is who you get. Which is how "Natur", turns out to be as far as genre specifics and similarities go with band comparisons. It is not a bad thing but more of a good thing, due to the fact, that these genre blends, creates more or less of a good rhythm with an even groovier beat source. Throughout the entire album, leaving off where the title track began, you get tossed with such tracks as "Andre Liv", "Start Han Opp", "Storma" and "Giron". These selections being the craft behind the music, making this album quite wholesome and well grounded really. The vocalization and instrumentation is done well enough that they make the music more enjoyable, you get the heaviness with the vocals at times, while the instruments morphs into a melody of tones that just keeps the beats, catchy and progressive through and through. Overall Ondt Blod's album that is "Natur", is just a type of release that has catchiness written all over it, with lots of beats that cannot be ignored. They are an act of craftiness, with ever cunning nature, that will develop and grow as they do as musicians.

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