Never Betters Split with Grievances - Guns + Roses' Roses

Never Betters' split release with Grievances titled "Guns + Roses' Roses", is for the most part, a rather rocking release of material from both accounts. Never Betters' single "Pictures", is the opening number, while the following track "Frustrating Song", keeps the energy of the rock n' roll kind alive and well. In other words both tracks, keep the Never Betters act, in check as they got this classy rock style with some elements of punk embedded within, keeping it all vivid and focused. The rest of the split's material like "Better Person" and "Suffer", keep the same momentum with added enthusiasm, as the material prior had done. In the case of Grievances' material, their tracks like "Winona", and "Vampires", for instance, are more pop punk inspired, keeping the energy tight and quite hyper. Their ways of the style of pop punk rock, keeps the music more laid back, but well grounded, it still being very moving yet rocks more than it need be. In short, both acts that is Never Betters and Grievances have put out a split release, that gets the job done, as far as material is concerned. This release that is "Guns + Roses' Roses", is a rather decent piece of work, from both accounts, keeping everything rock solid from start to finish.

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