Freedom Baby - How You'll Grow

Go getting duo Freedom Baby, is a group whose duo attitude, won't stop the mood of the music that they create. As they have put it, "We set out to record a collection of songs that captured a feeling and a mood and this is what came out. Our career goal is to remain true to artistic integrity, and that won’t necessarily translate to financial success. But fuck success. For the people who like it we hope you love it. For people who can’t jive with it, that’s totally cool too."

That said, they have taken their creative mood's into their music, creating what is their EP  "How You'll Grow", which with all talk about the "mood" of the music, had me thinking that their actual music would be very moody, having it be relaxing, in tone, like the type of music you would engulf yourself in, with soft sounding music playing, the birds chirping in the distance, waterfalls rustling very calming yet settling type of tone. But Freedom Baby's style is far from the depiction that crossed my thought process, that is for certain.

Their style is pop, with an edgy drift to it. Like take for instance their tracks such as "When We Go" and "The Stranger". Both of these really set up what this EP is truly all about as a whole. When listening in to these song selections, you get the idea right away, of how Freedom Baby sounds and feels as a duo act. Their style is hyped, energetic, yet cool and collected but well focused and looked upon.  In short, their material is very outgoing and fun. Each of the tracks aside from these mentioned, are a lot to take in, but have so much going for them. The vocalization and instrumentation is so melodic, it makes the music very post pop rock at times, making it groovy yet entertaining as well.

Freedom Baby's EP release that is titled "How You'll Grow", is just as the title suggests, this is an act, that shall grow, and how they will grow, is determined by them, their music, and which way they will take it. This EP is a good gateway path to wherever their music takes them to next for sure.

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