Tragul Releases Spanish Poem "Nostalgia (Icnocuicatl)"

Tragul has released a Spanish poem titled "Nostalgia (Icnocuicatl)". When asked about the poem and it's meaning behind it, the band says: "The narration is a Spanish translation of a "Náhuatl" chant called "ICNOCUICATL" (Nostalgia), written by the contemporary Mexican poet and writer "Natalio Hernández". Music by Adrian Benegas.

Contemporary "Náhuatl" descends from the ancient language of the "Mexicas". This poem speaks of death, reincarnation and resignation to death, or even more, of the Mexicas' vision of death."

Here are some words from composer the music writer Adrian Benegas: "I got to know this poem in 2016 and I was fascinated from the first moment by the "Náhuatl" language and the concept that the poem contains.

Well... when I finished the new songs last year I realized that they had something in common without having looked for it. All the songs for this year have within themselves, the concept of "goodbye", of the things that sometimes happen and keep us away from the people we value, and that ends being like an inner death to open the door to something new, to an inner transformation... I think the songs can also be listened from the point of view of death itself, of the doubts we have about where we go after death, if there is something after leaving this world and all that kind of doubts that comes to our mind when we think about that matter. That's the good thing about art, that we can find different point of views within itself and identify ourselves with it.

When I realized all this, the memory of Natalio Hernández's poem came to my mind and I thought that it would be perfect to use it to represent all the songs. So, I wrote this intro and invited the Mexican writer María García Esperón to narrate this beautiful poem."

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