Project Renegade - Cerebra

Project Renegade has taken the time and effort towards writing and recording what is their debut EP titled "Cerebra". This being their most recent and only offering at the current time, Project Renegade's sound derives from an arrangement of genres to that of alternative, goth, dark, experimental, and heavy metal. From these comes a blended combination of heavy riffs, stomping drum beats, with structured bass lines, that make the female vocals being ground breaking. "Cerebra", is their unique sound, that has found since its release and the bands forming, much praise within their country. The EP having a modernized sound with such ambiance, groove, and electronics, it makes it a well rounded piece of work. Their style easily being very similar to such acts as Nightwish crossed with Evanescence. Upon the trio of songs offered, probably "Natural Born Killer", is likely the more unique out of the three, that makes this EP really stand on its own accord. In other words, it is a track that makes this EP stick. Overall really, Project Renegade's debut efforts that comes in the form of an EP "Cerebra", is a great start, to more material that will be just as effort prone as this one.

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