Entropy Zero - Start A War

When the name Entropy Zero came my way something felt familiar, but of course Entropy Zero is a new project by Maks_SF whose recently released a collaborative single titled "War Machines" featuring Cliff Lin. That track being very epic on its part. How does such a track receive such a grand word of meaning. Well, from the debut album of course. Why of course, for it was this single that made the title of the debut album "Start A War". "Machine War", using the quota that read  "This is "War Machine" and it is going to do what it was meant to; Start a War!"

So you see how it all comes together rather nicely. Well if you do not then oh well. By all means though, this Maks_SF is taking this project Entropy Zero into the realm of music, why the "War Machines", track has become so epic since its release some time ago. Now that the album is upon us, the material off it, is a lot like the single that came before it.  "Eliminate", "Dancing Body of The Dead", "Party With The Devil', "Reloading", and "Fire In The Hole", are the lump sum of tracks, out of the 10-tracks totaling said album, that make this a dozy of a release. In short, these tracks selected, as well as the single, all very much alike. If electronic music is to your liking then you will feel right at home after listening to this assortment.

If you are into the "rave" appeal of the techno electronic music scene, then by all accounts Entropy Zero is the act for you to follow up on every now and again. As for "Start A War", this album, consists of this variety of material, it sounding very futuristic, edgy, and very much meant for a video game setting. That is what is going on when it comes to this particular album release. It is by far good, having its moments to shine, with its catchiness, keeping a never ending beat that does not want to quit.

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