Malet Grace - Humanocide

Malet Grace came upon the metal scene with their debut full-length album "Malsanity" released just last year in 2017. Now with the one year mark approaching not that far off, a follow-up release comes in the form of an EP titled "Humanocide".

In terms of how this release goes against the full-length is quite surprising. The EP like the album is similar in some aspects, but the EP is more polished, offering a variation and in-depth focus upon the music's maturity and development as a whole. Thus, creating an evolution of the band's style, with the sound and even vocal work. For instance take the total amount of tracks offered, you get six tracks that takes 24 minutes to get through, this causing a play through that makes you want to hear it again and again.

Like when hearing the material go through the first time, it runs so accordingly well, it is unbelievable how quickly the release ends up being over before you know it. That is how a band's work should be, when listening in to it. You get that glimpse hearing it for the first time, that by the end of it, you have to hear it again. This energetic, edgy, and thrash piece of progressiveness is raw and purely heavy metal at its finest. "Humanocide", being a better piece of work, that will gain attention, pushing them forward into their next direction of heavy metal craftsmanship as Malet Grace.

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