Josh Mover and The Shakers - Into A Ghost

Indie dark rockers Josh Mover and The Shakers have released their debut EP "Into A Ghost". A collection of songs that long for love, deal with rejection, and the repercussions of not realizing what you have, in the hand that you hold. In short, Josh Mover and The Shakers are set to write music that divides people. So their material is a mash up of division crossed with loss, love, and everything in-between, you get tracks of works that are quite satisfying. When hearing the EP, you get an idea of how this act works their ways with music creativity. Thus, their instrumental and vocal chords intertwine together, crafting this response of the past, bringing an era of time to that of the 50's to 60's. It not just being their indie dark rock, but more of a psychobilly rock n' roll vibe as well. It's like you know what and whom they sound like, but just cannot put your finger on it. That's what makes their style and sound familiar yet still unique.  As a whole, the EP sounds well produced, flushed out, keeping all the tracks fresh in every way possible. It sounds just so hip and groovy, that it brings that indie dark rock to a more vivid tone, that is enjoyable to all who hear it.

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