Founded in 2011 in the Abruzzo region of southern Italy, the 7C trio explores experimental music of a wide range, including influences from free jazz, metal and avant-rock as well as using machinery, tools, electronic devices and anything that could produce noise, frequencies and resonance as an instrument with free improvisation, while interacting with classical instruments like drums and double bass. Today the band premiered a brand new video via Impatto Sonoro!

This third video clip is extracted from the "Compartment C", album published for DeAmbula Records (Ulan Bator, Oslo Tapes, Before Cars, etc.). Since this album is a concept album, "Depression", is part of the story, where it tells of a typical day of a metropolitan city man grappling with the devastating rhythms of modernity that he no longer wants to undergo. Upon returning to his home, after a long and frustrating day at work, he burst into a desperate cry made of dissatisfaction and depression, crying caused by anger and the usual movements and passages that he is forced to undergo daily to live.

The theatrical group of the Teatro Possibile led by Gabriele Tinari, knew how to interpret wisely what the song and 7C wanted to tell, each actor represents a moment of the protagonist's daily life interpreted at the end of the video by Gabriele Tinari who recorded his voice on the record.

"Compartment C" was released last year for DeAmbula Records, distributed by Audioglobe, and is getting a lot of praise in critics and experimental music circuits.

Check out the video HERE.

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