The Room Release "Live @ The Robin" DVD

The Room – Known for their unique fusion of Classic Rock and Prog, have taken to the stage to record their live DVD titled "LIVE @ The Robin 2".

Following a series of successful supports for Inglorious, Lifesigns, Soft Machine, and a very busy festival season, The Room filmed their final show of 2016 at The Robin 2 for their live DVD ready for release in 2017. We are thrilled to announce, it’s finally here!

Filmed by 6 cameras at the UK venue The Robin 2 by Skooch Media headed by Leigh Tarrant and Chris Grout-Smith, audio recorded by Damon Sawyer of Platform Studios, and edited/mastered by Ed Truckell, LIVE @ The Robin 2 also includes a back stage interview and the pre-release trailer.

"We are absolutely thrilled with the DVD. It is a real representation of the energy, band dynamics and passion with which we play. If you haven't seen us live yet then this DVD gets you pretty close to the action" - The Room

Click HERE to buy a copy of the DVD!


1.Flesh & Bone
2.A Casual Believer
3.A Multitude of Angels
4.Screaming through the noise
6.Full Circle
7.My Friend Jack
8.As Crazy as it seems
9.She smiles
10.The Book
13.The Hunter
15.Behind the silence
16.16 Tonnes

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