Souleye - Hip Hop Medicine (feat. Dustin Tavella)

"Wild Man", is set for release this summer but before that happens Souleye has released a third single off it called "Hip Hop Medicine". The two previous singles "Follow Your Heart", and "Snow Angel" featuring Alanis Morissette, received quite the amount of support from his fan base and the media circuits.

"Hip Hop Medicine",  was produced by Crush Effect in which he blends seamlessly Souleye's well crafted originality of rhymes with his smooth like vocals, over a soaring beat, that is supersonic, loud, and proud! What style and source of beat does the Souleye go with you wonder, well hip hop of course, but of course! Why would he not, it is his genre of choice. Oh wait his genre of choice was front and center this whole time, in the track's title, "Hip Hop Medicine".

The track is infused with contemporary hip hop  sound waves, with such heavy duty bass lines and rhythms it makes the track more entertaining with each play through. Having heard this track several times over, it became more enjoyable with each press of the play button. The song sounds fun, bouncy, upbeat, and catchy, really uplifting that you can find yourself dancing right along, to the rhythms of the music. If not then you may find yourself bobbing your head to the beat, if not even singing right along to the lyrical content.

Speaking of which, Souleye's lyrics are of a story telling nature, being multi-layered within his consciousness, that has awakened within his mindset, among the minds of humanity alone, with such great encouragement, it blows the minds of everyone. It's really his thing, his theme if you will, about the human condition, it's what he's discussed on his previous works and it continues with this single. He is able to express himself so well, you get that sense of connectivity right away, due to the lyrics being so current and relevant to its title.

"Hip Hop Medicine" features a guest spot from Dustin Tavella, whose vocal chords work really well with a track such as this. It's like if him and Souleye play off one another, having Dustin create this soothing yet harmonizing tone of vocal chords, while Souleye brings out the hardcore tone with this pop electronic vibe it works on both of their behalves. It is like Dustin as an musician just came out upon the scene while he may have been here this whole time, for the longest time, it's how well his flow of tone with his vocalization works.

Aside from Dustin's appearance on this track, Souleye as an artist himself, creates a style of hip hop that is well rounded and crafted. It is able to expand to not just being hip hop and rap, but bringing in other styles like funk, electronica, among other elements, that have it stand out even more. Let us just say that it is a track with an artist behind it, that will continue to create such solid pieces of material, it will continue to move us in undivided unison.

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