Secrets - The Ascent

Secrets were the talk of the town and hailing from a place like California who wouldn't be worth talking about? Well they hit the scene in 2011 soon following a signing to Velocity/Rise Records that lead them to hit the recording studio to begin writing and recording for their full-length debut that has since seen the light of day.

“The Ascent”, is a release recorded and produced rather well for the most part but frontman Xander Bourgeois really brings it home with his vicious screams noted in such songs as "40 Below", "The Ascent", whereas "Blindside", takes it down a notch but still maintains that raw influence. "The Best You Can't Be", and "The Hardest Part" are the more progressive but impressive tracks offered on the album, they are heavy yet honest having the instrumentation and lyrical context be worth wild.

Secrets abilities are progressive and solid from start to finish surly being the talk from here on out.

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