The Devastated - Devil's Messenger

There is just three words that can describe this record "LOUD, LOUDER, AND LOUDEST" is what The Devastated’s "Devil's Messenger" prohibits. Taking ex-members of Oblige and Impending Doom and shooting out just two demo releases the band was instantly signed onto Century Media Records and on their way. Thus it brings us to their debut full-length; a lot of double-bass, growling but grinding vocals with down tuned guitars is all that's heard throughout this release. Having numerous tracks ""Swallowing Tumors", Zombies", and "Blood Bag Drag", each of which demonstrate its own unique source of style. Now drumming does its own thing to keep up with the energy being spat out and maintains to have an aggressive undertone being put into check. The Devastated is one of those bands that is to get out into this music scene and let all out there know of their existence because these guys bring out the heaviness that we have been waiting for.

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