Crow Black Sky's Purely Evil Interview

Crow Black Sky's founding lead guitarist and member Gideon Lamprecht spent some time to discuss with me his band's debut album "Pantheion", upcoming music video for thre song "Stars of God" and just what types of music they have etablished for themselves.

1. So oh great founder what can be said about Crow Black Sky?

Gideon: Not much, we're just a group of guys with the same interest - Creating the music we want but can't find elsewhere, breaking down creativity barriers within modern metal, and playing everyone's favorites in front of fifty thousand people, ten years down the line.

2. What about the music video trailer you have out for the song "Stars of God" is a release date set in stone for when it will premiere?

Gideon: It has been in production and FX for just under two months, and I anticipate it will take another two. We want it to take as long as it needs to, in order to get it perfect. We have no deadlines forced upon us, and I like to do things properly.

3. When it comes to any genre of metal headbanging is usually a must do thing how many times do you have to headbang that it lead to you having a sore neck the next day?

Gideon: If you play live regularly, you get very used to it, and you wake up feeling perfect. Two or three shows is enough to get into it.

4. From your line up listing you have two lead guitarists so do they fight over who's really the leader of the two?

Gideon: No, never. I generally write most of the music. However, Brad has a really cool rhythm riffing style, so I often send him pieces to write riffs for, and he naturally writes his own solos. With the next album, rhythm and bass are going to be just as fast, interesting, and complicated as lead.

5. In that trailer for the music video your all sporting armor in the outfits your wearing did you all make those yourselves?

Gideon: We designed each individual outfit ourselves, and we hired people craft it for us. However, the band spent a few days painting them, and applying the finishing touches according to personal preference. We strongly believe in putting on a proper performance for the audience. Showing up dressed for a day at the beach won't do.

6. Is it true that your debut album "Pantheion" impacted you guys so well that it had you gain a hundred thousand fans?

Gideon: Correct. The free download and self-promotion model I came up with and put into action had a lot to do with it too. There are many underground bands out there with amazing music. Actually getting your music out there and heard is an art in itself.

7. From the critics point of view a lot of them said that it was a blend of Amon Amarth, Behemoth, and Opeth would you agree and are those some of your musical influences?

Gideon: Yes. Not so much Amon Amarth though, I'd rather go for Enslaved. Lamb of God, Jeff Loomis, and Decapitated are also big influences. That said, we've only released one album. A few hundred thousand have heard the album, but the next one will be far bigger, and we'll have a more defined sound when that comes along.

8. This year saw that album to be released for FREE how come?

Gideon: We actually released it for free about a month after the initial release in 2010. Times are changing. If someone wants your music, most of them will simply go download it somewhere else - A google search and three clicks will put any band's entire discography on your desktop. Fifteen minutes after the release of our debut album in 2010, it was available for free download on third party websites and torrents. We'd rather have people get it directly from us, as opposed to getting some low-fi version on a dodgy website. The model works in our favor anyway, and the proof is in the book's-worth of feedback we've gotten.

9. Can you tell me anything about your new album you've been working on?

Gideon: It will be massive - Much heavier, much faster, and much higher budget. It will be better than Pantheion in just about every aspect. You could safely consider Pantheion to be a demo; our vision has changed since then, and we're setting out to conquer the world with the upcoming album. We're setting our sights extremely high, and it's going to blow everyone's minds.

10. How is the material different or is it the same?

Gideon: There will be some of the same. But for the most part, the writing style has changed quite drastically. Song structures will be quite unconventional, songs lengths will depend on the writing process as opposed to the 'acceptable' industry standard, the drumming and triple-guitar work will be vicious and unrelenting, the vocals will be piercing and venomous, there will be chord transitions that make sense only to the ear, all while delivering the most powerful onslaught we can muster.

11. What about your writing styles what types of lyrics and song writing does Crow Black Sky go through when creating an album?

Gideon: We write about whatever we want, whenever we want. I'm greatly influenced by history, ancient religion, philosophy, evolution, cosmology, and theoretical sciences; my own lyrics will probably be all over the place. Our vocalist has a great writing style, and his own lyrics will debut on many tracks on the second album.

12. Did you self-release the album and do you plan to fly solo or do you hope to one day get signed?

Gideon: We'll definitely get signed to a major label for distribution and for event management. Statistically, it's not a question of hope, but a question of time. Realistically, we should only be where we are now, in ten years' time. It will continue at this exponential rate, and every release will have an explosive effect.

13. Cape Town, South Africa is where you guys are from so what is the music scene like there what bands would you recommend us checking out?

Gideon: There are two other great bands who I would strongly recommend for international audiences. 'Wildernessking' ( ) and 'A Walk With the Wicked' ( ). Other than that, the scene here might as well be non-existent. There is no originality, and there is no unity. Not one week goes by without petty rumors of some envious band publicly talking shit about us.

14. Do you plan to love or kill on Valentine's Day or is that holiday not METAL enough for you guys.

Gideon: I don't have the time or patience for a long-term relationship!

15. 2012 will have Crow Black Sky doing what?

Gideon: We'll be releasing the 'Stars of God' music video, we'll be writing and recording the second album, and we'll be writing the script for the next music video.

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