Cadaveria - Horror Metal

When surfing the net anything can "pop" up and that's precisely what happened when I came across this website and noticed the name "Cadaveria" let alone the title of their album "Horror Metal" really drew me in. The band combines such elements as thrash, death, black, gothic, and symphonic metal to create a unique style that accustoms to any preferred metal fan out there.

With this said, “Horror Metal” is an element unlike 2007’s “"In Your Blood" because it exposes a uniqueness that has the guitars, bass, and drums all working together as a unit that really captivates the musical elements. The alluring effect that the guitars portray is impressive and fast allowing the drums to dominate in their own mythical fashion having an even faster beat causing songs like "Death Vision", "Whispers of Sin", "The Oracle (of the Fog)", and "This is Not the Silence" to be progressive yet stunning in their own way.

Now the vocals really impress me the eerie growls heard ever so often with the soothing effects of the calmer vocals really does the band well with the approach they have gone for here, having it stand out quite well. Cadaveria is without a doubt a band that will not step down from doing what they do best.

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