Now Voyager - Seas

Brussels, Belgium just got heavier thanks to the styling's of Now, Voyager! While they began under the name of Nebra with drummer Ben, bassist Thomas, guitarist Antoine, and second guitarist Martin, things just weren't going the right way and after going through a series of changes there was no telling what was going to happen. Not until 2010 when vocalist Nabil came into the picture he decided to join in and since his arrival and formation of the band it has given them the chance to grow and further expand as a band. Since they have gone on to tour and perform with such acts as The Devil Wears Prada, Memphis May Fire, and Dream On Dreamer among others. Also having recorded their first EP entitled “Seas”, this band is indeed roaring to go.

Having had recorded the entire EP in just 7 days (now referring to The Ring or is it?) it was their first experience working and being in a studio and it will be an amazing memory and more to come later on down the road. But the name "Seas," was inspired by the sea-based elements such as the ocean, boats, and sea life and besides that it goes into the concept of other things like a voyage which is very meaningful to the band in more ways than one.

As far as the material goes the 5-tracks given really showcases the band's abilities as musicians and songs like "The Surface", "To Every Beginning", and "Foundations", really make this release stand out and make it a solid but flawless release. The instruments are all in check and tune with one another and make the music flow like the sea they have discussed.

Now, Voyager is on the sea of greatness and the waves have just hit the shores to welcome them in and ride them on to greatness.

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