Watch Me Burn Reunites Like the Good Old Days and Times of Old

It's been 8 years since they last played a show. Ten years since the release of their last full-length album to date "At the Stake" released back in 2007. Now is the time for them to reunite. The time of all new music as well. A simply titled release known as the "2017 Sampler" consisting of three unreleased or heard of tracks, can be heard and picked up at their showcases including this reunion show that was held on Friday November 3rd 2017 at the Five Star Bar in Los Angeles, California, Downtown Los Angeles in particular.

Where the crowd came in a handful of on lookers, as the bar space kept inward, people filing in as Watch Me Burn, the second to the last act, out of the four to play this set-up, was setting up, and checking that their sound check was underway. So then as the clock struck a little after 11PM this night, the band that once was, back then, was ready to ignite once again.

But due to some technical difficulties the band needed a re-check of their sound check set-up as they would again go on, a few minutes later, around 11:20PM to play onward of about a 20-30 minute set. Consisting of course, of their old and new works of art, coming in the form of mixing it up with genre splicing that is metal, grindcore, black metal, death metal, thrash metal, and sludge metal. It is quite the combination, but nevertheless, the foursome act came together to re-perform as they had done so many years and times before. This night being no different, as the crowd were highly entertained by their presents and performance overall. The fierceness of frontwomen vocalist Sawa did a raw yet intense job of vocalization, still sounding top notch quality after this 8 year long stance of a wait period. While the other members Russ on bass, Rusty on drums, with Kevin on guitars, brought it all in, keeping in tune and check with the material at hand. In short, their set-up consisting of material that was familiar yet remained fresh to the eyes and ears of those within the bar setting as it were that evening. In other words, Watch Me Burn kept the intensity on high alert with those on lookers banging their heads to the roughness of their music, as others raised their metal horns to the ceiling tops, while tons in the backdrops screamed and cheered with delight. It was fun times, good times, of the old times of the then and now, of the here and now, because Watch Me Burn is back and will possibly stick around for sometime from here on out.

Watch Me Burn Photos By Natalie Perez

That is how the surrounding's of the environment felt off when in attendance at the Five Star Bar, out in Downtown Los Angeles, a hole in the wall, type of venue that has had a variety of acts both big and small, come into its doors when those still making their mark to this very day. Hence forth, acts just like Watch Me Burn reuniting for one, is a showcase that will have more to come, much sooner than you would think possible.


1. Ghost Town
2. Snake Charmer
3. The Keeper
4. Hush
5. Polcia
6. The Wolf That Ate The Sun
7. High Noon
8. 3 2/3rds NUMB
9. Raining Glass
10. Lullabye

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