Vanlade - Wayward Sons - Masters of Time Vol. 1

Vanlade's "Wayward Sons - Masters of Time Vol. 1" was released as an all covers EP release back in 2016. It consisted of an array of cover material ranging from tracks as "Barracuda", "Fire in the Sky", "Never Say Die", and others like "Bastille Day" "Riding On The Wind", and "Carry On Wayward Son".

It would be very fitting for an act such as Vanlade to choose such catching tunes, as their style of heavy metal, power metal, and speed metal, take these tracks into account, as they are fast, fierce, and pace out rather nicely. That said of course, Vanlade as a whole, really do their music well, even in the case such as these cover tracks, they are a new twist on a handful of classics. The way they take their own styling to them, is quite interesting, Vocalization being powerful and intense, while the instrumentals are just as powerful, keeping the music aggressively flowing. It is hard hitting riffs with non-stop drum beats, that keeps on moving along, that you do not want those pulsating beats to ever stop.

Thus, Vanlade's take on a couple of cover tunes is done very nicely. Everything works in their favor and do a nice job on the rendition of these varying tracks of material at hand. If you dig the fast paced speed metal or heavy metal in general, than Vanlade's "Wayward Sons - Masters of Time Vol. 1" is for you!

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