Station Talks Things Out After 4 Year Delay

Rock act STATION have been around for a while now, releasing their self-title debut album, a few EP's as well as some singles and videos to accompany everything else. As of late, the band have been hard at work upon, all new music, releasing some new content here and there, with plans on releasing said new music real soon. After some delayed time since chatting about 4 years back, STATION has spoke to us once more, to refresh on what has been happening within their band.

1. It's been 4 years, since we last and first spoke with Station back in 2013. Can you give us a brief summary as to what the band has been doing since then and now?

We’ve been quite busy! Since then, we’ve been able to tour around the country, playing hundreds of shows and festivals such as RockFest, Rocklahoma, M3, MusikFest and many others. We released our first full length album in 2015 and two singles this year. We just finished recording our second LP and are currently mixing it.

2. Back then you discussed with us your EP release 'Wired", what other releases have seen a release since that EP?

We have released a full length album in 2015 and two new singles in 2017. We are gearing up for a 2018 release of our second full length album.

3. Besides that EP you went on to release some singles one titled "All You Need is a Heartbeat" and "Never Enough", can you disclose the details about these songs and their accompanying video releases?

We decided to release singles to get new music out in the world. We had been supporting our debut album and had been adding new material to our live set. We chose to record “All You Need Is A Heartbeat” and “Never Enough” in March 2017.

On “Heartbeat,” we worked with Frenchie Smith on the mixing. He was great to finally work with and I love how it turned out. For “Never Enough,” our bassist Emi Asta (who also mixes) decided to helm the board on mixing. It turned out great and Emi did such a good job.

We shot both videos with Igor Kartrach. Igor is amazing with his attention to detail and sense of framing. We wanted to try and make new videos that were more focused on the actual look than the story line. We are planning several new videos to accompany the new album.

4. Aside from all of that material, you did release one full-length, a self-titled album, why go the self-titled approach?

It’s very hard to come up with an album title haha! We decided to simply call it “STATION” because we felt like it was a true introduction. “Wired” was a taste of what we were working on and had in our catalog of songs, but the first album, with all 15 tracks, showed a fuller picture of who we are and were at the time.

5. That album is a little over 2 years old, have you got any new music in terms of a follow-up album or another EP in the works?

We just finished recording 14 brand new songs. We are currently in the mixing process with that and intend to record a third album in 2018. We have gotten into a groove of being able to record and tour on our music, so we anticipate much more music more frequently.

6. Why did you end up with a band name like Station, does it reference an actual station for buses and trains or it means something else altogether?

STATION is a reference to one of our favorite movies. We definitely didn’t choose it for Google optimization haha.

7. What about playing shows and touring, how has the road activity been treating everybody?

The road is an interesting thing for us. We love recording, writing and making music videos, but at the end of the day, we like being on stage. It’s all about connecting with an audience and communicating with them through our music. Since the release of our LP,we have increased our scope of touring tremendously. We’ve played festivals and cities we never though we would get to. Being on the road as a band our size is very tough. We are very fortunate to have fans who will come see us and be able to own our own bus, but it means long drives, sleepless nights and nonstop coordination. Being on the road is absolutely rewarding and a ton of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. That said, I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

8. How about future shows and touring, what do you have planned out?

We have several shows planned for the end of 2017 and then we’re looking at a full US Tour in 2018. It’s very exciting and we cannot wait to start releasing dates. This year was mainly focused on recording. We spent a lot of time in the studio. Next year, although we plan to enter the studio to start a new record, we will devote most of the year to playing live. In between tour legs, we expect to release several music videos and perhaps some fun stuff we’ve had in the works for a little while. Check our website ( and Facebook page ( for more on that!

9. What other plans in general do you have in-store between now into this next year coming up?

Look for some new music very, very soon!

10. Would you like to say or add on anything more?

Thank you so much for the support! We can’t wait to show you what’s next!

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