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U.K. pop punks Safeguard have just released their latest single and video for a track called "Harbour", that comes off their upcoming EP release "I'm A Stranger To Myself". With that, a few of the band members got together to talk about said single, video, and the EP as a wholesome jester.

1. Give a brief history of Safeguard, music style, and the members.

Declan - We met through an online advert looking to start a new band, had a couple of practices together and we just gelled. After a couple of early member departures and enlisting Connor to drums and Denholm to guitar, we've been a strong and together unit since. We released our debut EP 'When Did You Stop Caring?' in late March 2017 which was met to an overwhelming positive response. Our music style is generally pop punk, with little bits of influence drawn from hardcore and rock music.

2. How did the band come up with the name Safeguard?

Martyn - Sitting down at practice one day, scrolling through Spotify of all the bands we liked, and Safeguard by ROAM popped up, and we all thought that was a good choice, so we went with it.

3. Give in more detail, some information about your upcoming EP “I'm a Stranger to Myself”, and how it affects you as a person?

Declan - We recorded the EP at Steel City Studio in Sheffield with Drew Lawson (ROAM, Junior) and mastered by Grant Berry of Fader Mastering (All Time Low, Boston Manor), we went to them because we wanted to take a big step forward not just in our writing, but in the production as well. Drew worked us hard to get everything perfect and exactly how we wanted it, and wasn’t afraid to suggest ideas we hadn’t thought of before which ended up being some of our favorite parts of the EP, it was almost like having a 6th member!

4. What is the music scene like where you are from and are there any acts in particular you could talk about?

Martyn - York is a pretty small scene, especially for our genre, most big bands hit up Leeds which is just 20 miles down the road, so we find ourselves playing their quite frequently too. A couple of bands you can check out are Lyon Estates from York, who let us feature in their music video this summer and Dire Bloom from Leeds, who gave us our first ever show at The Key Club which is one of our favorite venues of all time.

5. "Harbour" is a single turned video off the EP "I'm A Stranger To Myself". Tell me about the single and video it accompanies for us?

Declan - As soon as we finished writing 'Harbour', we knew we wanted it to be a single. The lyrics touch on a difficult subject that we all hold close to our hearts and something many people will be able to relate to and connect with. As for the video, we got our friend Lewis Dodds to come with us and film a few shows to get that live feel and to show any newcomers to our band what our shows are like.

6. Will there be any more tracks off the EP to be made into a video, if so which and why?

Martyn - There are talks of doing a video for another track, but that's being kept firmly under our hats!

7. What inspires your music and lyrical writing?

Zak - Personally, we have so much going on in our lives that many people can find relatable and that always helps us with lyrics. The topics we tend to write about are more tailored to problems a lot of today’s young people deal with, this definitely shows in songs like November which is about going to a party and seeing a girl you like.

8. Can you throw some light on your musical influencers and how they affect the music that you create as musicians?

Declan - Martyn and I are more into your standard pop punk, Zak listens to a lot of hardcore and Connor and Denholm are mainly into progressive rock and rock music in general, but one common ground and band we all mutually love as a band is Knuckle Puck. They're a huge inspiration for us, being one of the more technically difficult pop punk bands, their music gives us different ideas we hadn't thought of trying before which allows us to grow as musicians in both our playing and writing style.

9. What does the band plan on doing in mean time?

Martyn - In October, we had went on a mini tour and that's given us our first taste of what it'd be like to do this every day and we can't wait to get back out again. We also have an EP release on December 1st and the release show coming up on the 3rd of December with some cracking bands in Leeds.

10. Any message to our readers?

Declan - Thanks for checking us out and if you haven’t already, it would mean the world to us if you went and pre-ordered the new EP!

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