Rapid X's Portable Charger the X-5 Secures Fast Time Charging!

Portable chargers is a person's best friend or worse enemy. It all comes down to the company, developer, and charger itself. For the likes of one company known as Rapid X, their assorted chargers come in the forms of the Dual X and the X-5 car charger lines. The X-5 in particular which I was sent to discuss here, came in the very stylish tone that is hot pink! Other colors at hand include other tones of pink, as well as purple, blue, orange, green, red, white, and grey. The X-5 provides lighting fast charging capability for the whole family, within the comfort of your own vehicle, no matter the size, model, or year, this handy device will work for you in your time of battery dismay.

Thus, that being said of course, this handy device comes in a very sleek design, easily able to slide into any spot within the inside of your vehicle in question. Plus once plugged in and ready to go, it can support up to five devices via a USB chord, said USB chord of device not included in the package, so you will need to provide your own chord of choice. Besides that minor defect, the charging device delivers up to two times the speed of a standard car charger, the charger able to detect your device easily, delivering an immediate fast time of charging possible. It also has a modern design featuring a smooth yet rubbery exterior for good grip.

The extended use of the USB charger hub of the 5 feet cable attachment, does also allow for individuals in the front or beat seats of the vehicle to take great use of this charging device, as it can simply clip the USB hub extension onto your car seat pocket, that will enable those in the back seats or front, to charge their devices freely with no tangling whatsoever.

There are two priority ports on the front of the USB charging device, with three ports on the back of the device, the front delivering a 2.4A output, while the beat can receive a 2.0A to a S.4A depending on how many ports are used at that time. This device can also work with 12V to 24V vehicle outlets and cigarette lighters.

In short, the X-5 is one little handy USB charging device tool, that will come in handy when you need it most. It packs a powerful yet fast charge that will handle all devices imaginable. Surely to those such as Uber or Lyft drivers, will find these chargers quite the need, as sometimes stress can play a role, due to a lack of no charging ports in said vehicle during travel times. Expect to find these online going for around $24.99!


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