Fotocrime Reveals New Single "At Play In The Night Tide"

After nearly a decade fronting post-hardcore outfit Coliseum, Ryan Patterson has moved to his next endeavor Fotocrime: Using a combination of synths and drum machines in addition to guitar and vocals, Fotocrime is a new sound of 80's infused dark wave and post-punk.

Fotocrime mastermind Ryan Patterson notes about the new track: "At Play In The Night Tide" draws its title and some of its imagery from Night Tide, Curtis Harrington’s midway horror/noir romance film, and general inspiration from Joyce Carol Oates’ short story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” Both have stuck with me over the years, especially Oates’ story which affected me greatly when I first read it as a teenager; it captures southern sun-drenched existential terror in such a specific way. This song dips into that murky fear and the dread of unsavory characters in every shadow. Musically, it’s propelled by syncopated beats and pulsing synth sequences, with Nick’s guitar shimmering on top and Shelley’s haunting backing vocals anchoring the bridge, while I croon a bit on top of it all."

Check out the new song right HERE.

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