Eightball Junkies - Vaudeville Show

"In Hell", was the debut EP release from modern day rockers Eightball Junkies. Following said release came yet another EP titled "Vaudeville Show". How do the two compare and contrast between one another. Well for one both are comparable because they are both EP releases, for another each share only 3 tracks each, terms of quality both fair in equality in terms of sound and style. While "In Hell", may lack in some area's "Vaudeville Show", picks up the lacking quality, with a more rounded sound.

Like for instance "In Hell", was an EP of sorts that just had the sound quality in full efforts but it just did not sound top notch in terms of the sound provided. Whereas "Vaudeville Show", on the other hand, is more superior, sounding that top notch quality sound for the most part. As for the music itself, it is downright hard rock, or rock music, however you want to place it really. That is what you will get between the two EP's that are these ones.

As for the music that comes off of the EP "Vaudeville Show", is it much better off, sounding a lot better in terms of production goes. Everything sounds so much more clean cut, crisper, heavier, the whole nine yards is right there upon this one release, as opposed to its previous encounter. All of the tracks off the EP are solid as well, they are hard, hitting, energy fueled pacing momentum, that keeps the music flowing and moving. There is no stopping the adrenaline of these tracks off this EP alone.
When it comes down to it, "Vaudeville Show", does do so much better than its previous EP "In Hell". Both in sound, quality, and production values, Eightball Junkies has got to be one of those acts, you just have to watch out for, because the style that they got going, will be taking them places easy.

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