Digital Criminals - Move It

Digital Criminals have returned with an all new single made video for the track "Move It". Which just so happens to come off their most recent release "Bury Your Head" an EP released this past Spring. When asked about the track in particular vocalist Emily Bates says “Move It - is one of those fun tracks that always gets the crowd jumping at our shows and we really wanted to capture that live energy on camera. We produce our own music and videos and bringing this one to life was so much fun! With the help of friends and fans who jumped around, sang along, let us take over their music venue, borrow light rigs, camera gear and fed us cheese toasties.. we really did Move It!”.

That being said and done, the track with its accompany video, both go hand in hand with one another, as the track in general really packs in those hard hitting riffs, that keep your fist pumping high in the air. If not, then you will likely be shaking your body to the beat, or bobbing your head to it at least. It is one of those tracks, that keeps the music moving to the beat of the music. Really never loosing pace, but keeping up with it, as it all stays in tune and check with itself. The band themselves being very forward and focused, vocalization Emily Bates being very blunt yet fierce with her approachable vocals, while the instrumentals are downright groovy and very catching to the ear lobes.

All in all really though, Digital Criminals "Move It", release off their EP "Bury Your Head", is one top notch quality single, with an accompanying EP that will delight and define the band, as they are now, bringing forth more promising chances, that will take them places.

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