Demi The Daredevil - Sly Dog

Demi the Daredevil have a handful of releases noted here and there including an EP "Secret Schizoid" released in 2016, with a follow-up cover song "Hometown" by twenty one pilots that was done as a piano version, released sometime in 2017. Besides these no other music was released from that point and time, until the recent works of a track titled "Sly Dog". This little number taking the same approach and appeal that can be found upon their previous EP "Secret Schizoid".

Take with that EP had and enhance it, you end up with the likeness that is "Sly Dog". An improvement of the music that once was, except this time it is much more better. Well grounded, suited, and rounded to be more approachable and desirable to the ear. The track is well thought out and plays out rather nicely, as it was mixed by Sean O'Keefe whose work has been with acts like Fall Out Boy and Motion City Soundtrack.

That said, "Sly Dog", plays awfully like the old works to that of Farewell, My Love crossed with Fearless Vampire Killers. Both of those acts using that theatrical approach with their music, loads of piano craftsmanship, keeping the music eerie yet fresh. The music much more bouncy and effective taking you into a whole another realm to the beats of the music portrayed.

It just plays out to being a type of track that is solid and has well balanced craft at the helm of it all. It becomes a track you can enjoy listening to again and again, never getting tired or sick of it. In short, Demi the Daredevil's newest works, that is "Sly Dog", is one piece of work, that will take them places, more so than ever before. If they keep their material such as this state of mind and well being, it will develop into further works, that will expand their horizons of work and craft.

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