Against The World's Wife and Husband Duo Sara and Mykell Asks How Can I?

It is rare whenever a husband and wife go along with teaming up to create music together in some sort of project. But for husband and wife Sara G (singer/songwriter) and Mykell (singer/songwriter/producer), they came together after some mishaps, to create this project they call Against The World. The teamsters disclose the mishap at hand with what it entails and where this team up will end up next, along their craft of music and mischief.

1. First off, introduces yourselves, tell me the roles you play in Against the World?

Sara G - Singer, Songwriter.

Mykell Messiah - Singer, Songwriter, Producer.

2. Why did you think that Against the World, would be the right titling for your name of this project?

Mykell – Over the years, various life experiences has made us feel like it's us “Against the World”. We are working hard to make it day in and day out! Sara and I are all we got to make this thing happen against all odds.  Hence the name “ATW”.

3. Would you say that the title that is Against the World, represents what it means, that you both husband and wife, wife and husband, however you put it, are against the world? How so, define this for us in the unknown.

Mykell - We feel like we're a team, committed to a common goal of being successful as a unit.  We feel, the same way many underdogs do - that people don't really want to see us win - so that's why it's us against the world. We're going to do whatever it takes to make this happen and make a successful life for ourselves!

4. Why did you want to create this project as a wife and husband/husband and wife ordeal, instead of both being separated projects?
Sara G – When we decided to develop this project together, we felt like we could bring something new and fresh to the industry.  Our view is that we’re a couple that isn't perfect and are still trying to figure it all out. The audience gets to be on a journey with us and witness the reality of the ups and downs, the good times and the bad.  There are so many solo artists, female and male, out there trying to do the same things; talking about the same things, and we believe the world is ready for something new and different that's us, ATW.

5. How did the infidelity happen in the first place, why did it happen? If you could go back and change what happened, it never happening would You do so? 

Sara G – In our particular situation,  I broke the trust, and  I made Mykell feel unsure about my love and devotion.  We both put ourselves in compromising situations due to the fact that we were hiding our relationship status from people in the music industry. In trying to maintain the deception, and the perception of being unattached, we crossed lines that we wouldn't have if we were just honest about who we were to one another.  We regret our failings. If we could do things over again we wouldn't have put ourselves in those situations at all.

6. What made decide that this happened, so might as well write about it, and make a song too? 

Sara G-  First, there's aren’t a lot of songs written from a female's point of view about being remorseful about breaking trust in a relationship and I felt like I wasn’t being forgiven by Mykell  The song was primarily written out of frustration for the way I was being treated and how I was being viewed. I just wanted him (Mykell) to see me as that girl that he knew and loved before. We felt like a lot of women (and men) could relate.

7. How did you decide that the title "How Can I", would be such a suitable title choice?

Mykell -  The song title is basically a conversation between the two of us. It’s based on a real conversation that Sara and I had - “After everything we've been through how could I ever fully trust you again?”  So, we decided that “How Can I” was a good title.  It just made sense.

8. For the song was an accompanying video that made its premiere upon Hip Hop DX, how did this all get set-up?

Sara G -  We have really great team around us that believes in the record and they are really helping us build something special. We're really grateful that HipHopDx Premiered the video.

9. Can you disclose what the video for "How Can I", is all about, does it revolve just this topic at hand, or is there a continuation somewhere within leading to another release?

Mykell - The “How Can I” video  is a  stand alone video. Meaning, there is no hint at a continuation at the end of the video or anything. It shows how we were drifting apart and Sara is pleading her case to me throughout the video. I really hope people can really feel the true emotion in the song and the video.

10. Why do you think men tend to get the bad rap for cheating as opposed to women who do it? Or do you think there is no right or wrong way to cheating in general?

Sara G- I think men do usually get the bad rap for cheating, but nowadays women cheat just as much as men.  I feel like the most important thing in a relationship is trust. Trust can be broken in many ways and doesn't necessarily have to be only cheating.  In our situation, the trust was lost and threatened the stability of our relationship.

11. Besides the obvious happening, you both managed to keep things together making this song, why did you do so? Instead of just separating altogether and not allowing for this track and video to even happen?

Sara G- I think this song was therapeutic for us. Conversing with each other to write this song was our form of communication and therapy. This process allowed Mykell to see where I was coming from and how I really felt and vice versa. We feel like we have a story to tell. This is our real life in song, our artistic impression and we feel like there are many couples in this situation.  This song is from a female's point of view of being sorry for betraying the trust of their partner.

 12. So would you say that the two of you, are good and still together or because of these matters that occurred, nothing will be the same between you to?

Sara G- At the time, the deterioration of our relationship was based on emotional infidelity. I think if it had to do with sexual infidelity so to speak, I'm not sure where we would be today. Maybe we would still be together, maybe not, however we're good now. We're in no way perfect but day by day we understand each other more and we know never to put ourselves in those situations again.

13. When it comes to the topic that is cheating in general, why do you think we as people do it, in the first place?

Mykell -  I think every situation is different. It's not always about doing something sexually and calling that cheating. I feel cheating is betraying someone's trust in favor of someone else.

14. What else do you have in-store between now and this next year coming up?

Sara G  -We hope to release another single and also our EP in the New Year. We also look forward to performing our new music in front of live audiences in 2018.

15. Anything else you want to say or add on here?

Sara G & Mykell-  We just want to thank you for the opportunity to have this interview we appreciate it very much. Follow us on Instagram,  Twitter, and  on all social media /Itsusatw . Thank you!

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