Watch Me Burn Reunites and Releases New Music!

Los Angeles, California based sludge/thrash/grindcore act Watch Me Burn has returned after being split up for quite sometime. During their run though, they released a couple of full-length albums "Watch Me Burn" (2002) and "At the Stake" (2007) with a handful of demo and split releases in-between as well as a music video for the track "Mandrake".

With this return reunion, they spent time writing and recording a brief sampler demo, simply titled "2017 Sampler"; find the artwork and tracklisting below, as well as the added addition of a reunion show happening November 3rd 2017 at the Five Star Bar in Los Angeles, California. The sampler can be purchased as well as other works via their bandcamp page HERE.


1. Ghost Town
2. The Keeper
3. Shake Charmer

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