Ashley J - Unbreakable

"Trapped" by Ashley J was the last time her name and music came up on my end. Now that sometime has past so has her ways with her music, since "Trapped" was released sometime ago. Now she has all new music in the form of another single titled "Unbreakable".

"Unbreakable", being released just recently, has been making the buzz upon Ashley J's social media pages, as she prepares to release the accompanying video to follow suit real soon, the current single is streaming across numerous digital outreaches. As it would have it though, the pop/EDM artist with a top 10 hit upon the Billboard Dance Club Chart, with a previous tune she called "Cali", Ashley J hopes to do the same with "Unbreakable". Both in single and video form, but doubt that videos can make it upon a charting listing but then one does not know for sure. Whatever the case may be though, "Unbreakable", as a song made single is just that, a song, with a rather catchy beat, that makes the music go boom, boom, boom.

For real's though, "Unbreakable", is one of those pop/EDM tracks that keeps the music literally popping and pulsing through and through. It has that catch on beat, that just keeps at it, never letting up or letting go for that matter. Lyrical-wise the song follows details about heartache and not wanting it to be broken anymore. Making it so her heart is "Unbreakable", as the song proclaims. That is what the song goes into details about, and it is like many songs by these artists and or bands, very relatable. Lots of us, if not most of us, have dealt with the broken heart or pained of the heart, whatever it may be, so we know what it is like, how it feels, the emotions and feelings of expression running through us. That is how it is so relatable between Ashley J and us as individuals.

In terms of the song itself, it is as said very catching, has a good pacing beat, that just goes on through, with a fast yet medium based tone, that is still fun to tap your feet too, or even dance too. It just maintains a good source of rhythmic flow for it. So much so, that this track could easily be played during a night club setting or perhaps slow dance atmosphere perhaps. It has so many options available for its presents, that is how well of a groovy type of track it tends to be like the most.

As for Ashley J as an artist, this track and her previous works, is well suited for her, she being able to craft together so willingly, and creatively it just works really well for her. This track alone that is "Unbreakable", breaks the mold for Ashley J, allowing for her to build upon this track, making even more EDM/pop based works, that will draw in more of the easy listeners with pure ease of essence, that is how it should be.

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