Kill Devil Hill - Revolution Rise

Kill Devil Hill the name itself had me thinking why would you want to kill a hill named after the Devil? Well it just so happens that the name had nothing to do with a hill or the Devil or killing for that matter, the name of this band is taken from a city's actual name, so using their name as their source, these guys have progressed a sound we've heard before i.e. Pantera, HellYeah. On their debut album they pushed their sound and it progressed what would be "Revolution Rise" a more hard hitting heavy metal rock n' rolling release that really kicks. The instrumentals are there each doing its own thing, having riffs, solos, catchy drum beats, with even catchier chorus and lyrical context that just all works together, it's unreal as to how they put this altogether. Their style is like Pantera meets HellYeah having that same passion and energy as they did, the vocals and instruments just follow through, while everything else falls into its place. Kill Devil Hill have got style and continue to push it as much as they possibly can take it, so surly it will get better from here.

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