Our Last Enemy Releases New Video for "Devour the Sun"

Australian industrial metal pioneers Our Last Enemy have premiered a claustrophobic new music video for Devour the Sun via Bloody-Disgusting.com. The band once again enlisted The Blackley Brothers to direct the “excessively-bloody” music video which traps the viewer into a claustrophobic situation, with the feeling that there is no escape.

“We definitely wanted to get that B-grade horror film feel, with blood… lots of blood” states bassist Matt Heywood. “Like the Aztecs making a sacrifice to the sun god, we decided to take this video to the next level, so we literally bought several gallons of pig blood from a local slaughterhouse and poured it on ourselves... everyone was a mess! Doing this video was more exhausting than doing a show as we had to keep the energy level up for the whole shoot. It was hot that day, so the crew brought in these big industrial fans in to keep us from overheating, which also helped w/ the overwhelming stench of pig blood. I don’t think any of us will ever forget that shoot!”

Director David Blackley continues, “Yes, the idea of a world on the verge of extinction is a grand concept that applies to a mass population, but what we love about this music video is its ability to grab the individual by the throat and force them inside, suddenly making it all very personal.”

Check out the video HERE.

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