Jordan Carroll - Yours To Keep

Indie rock, new age, acoustic, blues, jazz artist Jordan Carroll has been doing his thing since 2009 at the age of 17. Since then he's played shows, toured, written and recorded various tunes and to this day is still doing this repeating cycle. His latest single "Yours To Keep" released in song and a video format, takes his musical abilities and skills as an artist, to another level of creativeness.  When listening to his vocal chords you get sucked in with his melodies bringing to mind that of Jamie Cullum, Gavin DeGraw, and Gary Jules. His skills as a piano player fell between the lines of these artists as well, all of which do vocals and piano too, so the similarities between them is quite entertaining to say the least. Jordan does have a talent for music and will fall into the path that these artists have done before him, exceeding beyond his expectations of what he can truly do.

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