Bombadil - "Tarpits and Canyonlands"

Folk pop rock act Bombadil released their second full-length album "Tarpits and Canyonlands" in 2009 but due to some tragic circumstances, the band was unable to tour upon its release, and really get the promotional run of it, that it became a literal stillborn release. Now years later, it's got a second chance at release, with touring in full swing. But what makes this album so compelling than the others, Bombadil has released? Well early on the reviews were raved while things were being said and re-listening to this release today it's not hard to tell why that is so. Their style is folk pop rock resembling that of The Beatles crossed with other acts like Gary Jules or Gavin DeGraw. It's one of those types of releases that really is upbeat and catchy even though it's very mellow driven with its tone of melodies it still keeps a beat to it. While the lyrics and vocal chords work hand in hand keeping in tune with the beats being played, each one telling the story of the song's context. Everything just works so well it's overwhelming, that such mellow driven music can be so compelling it hurts. That is what Bombadil gives on this release, it is one of those you have to hear to experience it's true power of emotion.

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