Monster High Reveals All

Mattel's Monster High doll line is continually growing and a fan site dubbed Monster High Germany on Facebook has provided photos of all the upcoming lines, Scaremaster, Creepateria, Ghoul Sports, Freaky Fusion to tie into the new film due out this fall, and so many others it's so hard to keep up! Check them all out below!


Invisi Billy Son of the Invisible Man

Gigi Grant

Catty Noir


Student Lounge:

Ghoul Sports:

Clawdeen Wolf

Spectra Vondergeist

Toralei Stripe


Creepateria Dolls:

Cleo De Nile

Howleen Wolf


Draculaura Fashion Locker:

Freaky Fusion:

Freaky Fusion Playset

Frankie Stein Fusion Playset

Ghoulia and Draculaura Fused

Frankie and Clawdeen Fused

Operetta and Frankie Fused

Scara and Toralei Fused

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