Six Days 'Til Sunday's Starlin and Devlin Discusses Latest Works and Where to Find Them

Six Days 'Til Sunday is an act whose style combines various forms of metal and rock music creating something original. They have played shows, toured, and written and recorded material that comes in the form of "Predetermined" their latest release, with that they have come to realize that a future awaits them and now the time is just right. Frontman vocalist Starlin Cross and drummer Devlin 9 discusses their latest album and future.

1. Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in Six Days 'til Sunday?

Devlin: Hi I'm Devlin 9 and I am the drummer for SIX DAYS 'TIL SUNDAY

Starlin: I’m Starlin Cross Vocals and guitars

2. What brought about the creation of Six Days 'til Sunday and is there a long history of music appreciation between each of the members?

Devlin: SIX DAYS 'TIL SUNDAY is really a collaboration of life and truths between every members vision and experiences...although not every song was written by every one of us the core principle responsibility to delivering these songs as well as the creative nature of each song has been brought into play by the same desire. All of us share a common goal and responsibility to this music but its the diversity in each others talents that make this unique...

Starlin: Devlin and I were brought together by some mutual friends a few years back. I played him some songs I was working on and liked them. I knew he was an amazing drummer so we started working together. The writing process just became a no holds barred act of creativity. We had no set sound we were going for, we just wrote and we’re really happy with what came out.  We wanted to bring the music to the people and Eric Griffin and Malice were always our number one choice. We got them on board and it’s been awesome ever since.

3. Are there any bands that have inspired the overall sound of Six Days 'til Sunday?

Devlin: For me that answer is absolutely not. Even though we all admire and appreciate music in every genre, we have never felt the desire to copy and or develop an inspiration for any certain band that is out there,... SIX DAYS 'TIL SUNDAY is really a collaboration of experiences like I said earlier, for each one of us...It's like having a nightmare and then writing about it,... its truth and feeling can only be described by you.

Starlin: Yeah, I would agree. I don’t think there are any bands that directly inspired our sound. Although our influences are apparent.

4. How would you define your style and sound of music and why should someone listen to your work?

Devlin: There has been quite a bit of positive feedback from fans and the industry. Although I personally love metal and black metal I am not sure there is a category for us to be honest, If you are a music lover and enjoy truth in lyrics and a bit of true story telling, experiences so to speak then you will enjoy this CD,...personally for me I go through the CD and it reminds me of times I have witnessd as well as experienced, not every one of them have been positive. It has been a difficult time as well as a positive one,... but it marks the time for us individually as well as collectively, somewhat like a milestone in time of a child being born, an anniversary or a death in your family.

Starlin: We’re all about musical intensity and vocal melody. I think we mix the genres in an interesting way. It gives us a pretty unique sound. As Devlin said all these songs are based on experiences and deep seeded emotion. We tried to deliver each as honestly as possible.

5. Can you tell me about the song and video for "Disease".

Devlin: The video was directed by Tom Von Doom, we initially wanted this video to be purely cinematic in a sense, but after looking at all the imagery and clips Tom had entered into the video itself it really did take a different life. We were originally wanting to tell a story about a "villain" chasing a "survior" if you will, throughout the video, however we couldn't come to terms on how to portray that vision,... we do believe that we will re-shoot DISEASE V2 at sometime but for right now we are concentrating on the follow up to Disease,... I think Starlin best describes the meaning of DISEASE...

Starlin: The song itself is about the dual nature of humanity. It seems since time immoral we've been fighting and killing each other for one reason or the next. As if it’s some sort of sickness within us.

6. What's your favorite song on the album right now?

Devlin: I can't say I have a favorite, as ALL the songs are very close and enjoyable to be played live, however I am looking forward to the video for "PREDETERMINED" and of course "A BULLET FOR YOUR THOUGHTS" is right up there for me as a fave, if I had to pick one ];-)

Starlin: Yeah I love them all as well but right now I would have to say “DISEASE” and “PREDETERMINED” are at the top of my list! :)

7. Is it important for you to paint visual pictures with the songs?

Devlin: I'm not sure we are intentionally trying to do so,... image and visual aspects of SIX DAYS 'TIL SUNDAY is extremely important to us, as we look forward to capturing the imagination of what fans perceive us to be... SIX DAYS 'TIL SUNDAY is a presentation into the final outcome if there should be one, good against evil...

8. What would be the cinematic equivalent of  "Predetermined"?

Starlin: I would have to say “Constantine” meets “Apocalypse Now”! :)

9. Do you have any new music in the works in terms of a follow-up?

Devlin: Yes absolutely, its heavier faster and just as chorus driven as the first CD, bottling up all these experiences and portraying them in song is a very delicate thing for us, we will ALL collectively take the time to bring ideas that are close to us and formulate the truth into song if you will,... We just don't write about anything.

Starlin: The next album will be amazing! We’re really looking forward to working with Eric and Malice on this one! Those guys are awesome. We all have a huge amount of respect for one another and I can’t wait to hear what we put together!

10. How is 2014 looking for Six Days 'til Sunday, what do you guys have lined-up?

Devlin - We are shooting a new video for PREDETERMINED as well as a 4 week tour is in the works, we do have some other things going on but I'd rather just wait until those are confirmed... The support and feedback from everyone has been extremely awesome to be honest,... We also have some merchandise coming out very soon, within the next few days actually!!!!

11. Where can we go if we want to listen to or purchase your work?

Band: If you’d like to listen you can check us out on and Spotify. You can purchase our album on cdbaby:


And we’re available on iTunes as well!

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